Mauritius – Love at first bite

There is always something unique about ordering and eating traditional Mauritian food. It’s an absolute feast for your palate… Indians, Chinese, French and Creoles have contributed their style and spices to our food history and culture.

Street food is fantastic in Mauritius – you can get everything from fresh coconut water, chopped fruit covered in chilli and sugar, hot curries topped with chilli and pickles wrapped in buttery breads, Chinese fried noodles and the ever present famous Dholl Puri.


Dholl puris are thought to be derived from Indian flatbread, paratha. Indian immigrants to Mauritius couldn’t get the ingredients to make the bread on the island, and their substitute, a fried thin bread stuffed with ground yellow split peas, and served in a pair with bean curry, atchar and chutney.

Not only is it exceptionally delicious but Dholl Puri is also amongst the most affordable street food on the island.


Don’t stay in your resort when you visit Mauritius – get out and explore the island and its amazing food.

Alouda – the relishing Mauritian beverage. According to locals, the best place to find alouda is in the Port Louis food market. It is surely the place you will find a variety of Alouda flavours.


Coming to Mauritius and not tasting a good variety of gajak followed by a hot Mauritian tea. You would miss a lot.

Another dish to add to your list is Biryani. Rice, marinated chicken and potato cooked in mild spices topped up with some tangy tamarind chutney and cucumber salad.





Gajak are Mauritian snacks, generally of the deep fried variety. You’ll find them being sold from glass boxes on the back of motorbikes and food stalls near markets, beaches and on the side of the road. Try samoosas, gateau aubergine (eggplant fritters), gateau patat (potato fritters) and gateau piment.


The paradise island, renowned for its sea. Don’t forget its seafood! Freshly grilled or marinated fish accompanied by some sweet and sour sauce and chips. Try to go on a catamaran cruise for a BBQ lunch or dinner.